High Tensile Fasteners

                   High Tensile Bolt

Reliability, High Pressure Resistance, Stresses and Speeds in today’s machinery and equipment demand stronger, more reliable joints and more reliable fastening solutions. MFPL and UNB brand’s high quality fasteners offer joint reliability and safety with maximum strength and fatigue resistance ensuring you a superior, safer product that meets your day-to-day fastening challenges.

Universal Tubes provides optimum array of Hexagonal Bolt that is available in various sizes. We are one of the known organizations that are the dealers and suppliers of High Tensile Hexagonal Bolts, Hot Dipped Galvanized Hexagonal Bolts, Mild Steel Hexagonal Bolts, and Stainless Steel Bolts.

Also, our company is renowned as one of the prominent Dealers and Authorised Distributors of MFPL and UNB brand High Tensile Hex bolts.

Product name – Hex Head High Tensile Fasteners
Place of Origin – India
High Tensile Fasteners Grades
High Tensile Fasteners Grade 8.8
High Tensile Fasteners Grade 10.9
Standard – IS/ DIN / ASME / ASTM, DIN931, DIN, ASTM, ANSI.
DIN Standard – B.S. DIN933 DIN931 DIN934 DIN912 DIN603 DIN6923
Surface Coating – Auto-Black, Zinc Galvanized.
High Tensile Fasteners Size – M8 – M36
High Tensile Fasteners Length- M20-M300

High Tensile Nut

We have various types of Nuts that includes Mild Steel Nuts, High tensile Nuts, Stainless Steel in various sizes. These are prepared using optimum raw materials that ensures the durability and long-lasting life.

Specifications of High Tensile Nuts

Place of Origin -India
High Tensile Nuts Grades
High Tensile Nuts Grade 8
High Tensile Nuts Grade 10
Standard -IS/ ASTM,DIN931, DIN, ASTM, ANSI
Manufacturing Process -Wire Drawing, Cold Heading, Insert tapping, Heat Treatment, Surface Plating, Inspection, Packing
High Tensile Nuts Size – M8 – M64
High Tensile Nuts Application – Wind tower, Nuclear power, Automotive industry, Railway, Construction, Paper & Pulp Industry
High Tensile Nuts Finishing- Auto Black, Zinc Plated (Golden, White), Xylon Coating

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