Foundation Bolts

  • At Universal Tubes, we have High Quality of Foundation Bolts which are engineered and designed to meet the exact requirements of the buyers. The foundation bolts supplied by us can be used in various applications, with standard nuts and washers.

  • We are dealing in foundation bolts from past many years and have grown to be one of the top manufacturers of foundation bolts in Chennai & across other states. Our Foundation Bolts have been supplied in different areas of industry like cement plant, petro chemical plant, marine industry, construction industry, sugar plant, railway industry & more.  The Foundation Bolt that are manufactured by us are prepared as per latest industrial norms in various preferences. Furthermore, we make the prompt supply of these bolts to customers in durable packaging.

  • Our manufacturing ranges from 12mm to 42mm and we can offer more customized bolts as per client requirements.  Few listed types of bolt we have Anchor type, J type, L type & furthermore we make according to client specific requirements.

                                You can directly call us on +91 938 059 3113

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